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ZVex Box of Rock Vexter gives you an overdrive soundi reminiscent of JTM45 and clean boost in the same package. Works better with guitar's volume pot than any other overdrive pedal in our selection. This is the new Vertical version of Box of Rock, which is easier to install to pedal boards.

  • Controls:
    Drive: Sets the amount of distortion/saturation. At 7 o'clock the sound is completety clean, gets heavier towards 5 o'clock. You can control the amount of gain also with your guitar's volume control. Box of Rock reacts beautifully to the changes in guitar's volume, you can go from clean to heavy overdrive and everything in between effortlessly.
    Tone: Sets the amount of treble in your sound, does not affect bass or mid frequencies.
    Volume: Sets output volume level. Loads of headroom available.
    Boost: Sets the amount of clean boost for solos etc. Boost is activated with the left footswitch. Can also be used even if the overdrive side of the pedal is not on. Adds volume, does not increase gain.
  • Power requirements:ᅠ 2,1mm 9-12V DC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 3 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA