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SIT DE45105L - 4 String Set Oulu

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Electric bassist David Ellefson has helped create and define Thrash Metal bass playing. His work with MEGADETH has placed him at the forefront of the scene since the band’s inception in 1983 and his unique style and approach has set him apart as one of the most distinguished bassists in the genre. These SIT David Ellefson Signature Series nickel strings were specifically selected and gauged by David Ellefson for his professional touring and recording needs. They offer a super smooth, slinky feel as wellas anoticeable upper mid-range punch not found in other strings. David Ellefson's playing requires total precision and delivered at high volume. Plus these demands must be unparalleled with an even output across the fingerboard for all notes on the neck. The specially developed SIT core produces the ultra punchy upper mid-range demanded by David for his music, especially on the D and G strings where many strings tend to lose their impact when playing at high volumes. This is even more so with heavy and progressive music like David's. SIT's unique winding process ensures that these strings will stay in tune and deliver extremely high output & clarity in your playing, too. We think you’ll find these David Ellefson Signature Series strings to be some of the finest available for all music styles and bass guitars. We think you too will find that they will bring out the best that your music and instrument have to offer. Pick up a set today and hear the difference for yourself. 

"Power, punch and clarity are the cornerstone of my bass guitar tone and these SIT signature strings are designed to deliver just that." - David Ellefson / Megadeth

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