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If you are dreaming of slow doomy powerchord passages or thunderous bass lines or synth-filter-wah-lazers, Bear in blue is the answer. With the bass retaining clipping characteristic and a sculpting multi mode filter, it makes even the most esoteric indie pawnshop guitar roar!

The gain structure draws inspiration from legendary op-amp fuzzes like Maestro MFZ-1 and IC Big Muff where a cleanish gainstage is slammed to a soft clipped one. Perfect for slow fuzz action where the texture of a sound is as important as the size of it. After the gain structure, signal goes to the filter-stage for final frequency shaping (and a bit hard clipping), to achieve it’s own signature sound.

The frequency response of the Bear in blue is tailored to maintain bass frequencies so the bass and synth players can get their piece of action.