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National Reso-Phonic Revolution® Biscuit-Bridge Base:

• CNC Machined Aluminum

• Height Adjustable (Maximum .05")

• Compensated strings

• Superb string response and sustain

• Not affected by humidity

• Black Hard Anodized 

• Use's replaceable saddles inserts

• Saddles available in various different wood species


National Reso-Phonic Revolution® Biscuit-Bridge Saddles (5 different wood species):

Maple: The standard since the mid-1920s.

Ebony: Refined, full response.

Rosewood: Open sounding, very musical.

Walnut: Strong midrange, warm.

Holly: Soft, mellow tone.

• CNC Machined 

• Pre compensated

• Pre Slotted and shaped

• Ready to use minimal adjustment needed.


Package comes with the following items:

• Revolution Bridge Base

• Height adjustment screws

• Resonator mounting screw

• T10 Torque Key for mounting to resonator and adjusting saddle height

• 1/16th Allen Key to remove coverplate strap

• PSA backed sandpaper

• Revolution Saddles 5-Pack

• National 9.5" Single Cone Resonator

National Reso-Phonic Guitars, Inc

Designed for all single cone acoustic instruments. 

Will not work in conjunction with any pickup installed on the bridge. Such as a National Resolectric, National Pioneer or any instrument that has a Highlander IP1X pickup installed at the bridge.