Music City Bridge


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Conversion Post for 60’s Gibson Specials, Firebird IIIs and Epiphone Olympics.


These models were often equipped with a lightning bar/wraparound tailpiece and a Lyre vibrola tremolo system.  This creates several previously unsolvable problems. 

  1. The tailpiece is not in the correct position, the existing studs are too far forward and much like most 60’s Gibsons and Epiphones with a wraparound tailpiece, the correct intonation can not be achieved. 
  2. The lightning bar intonation line is non-adjustable which causes further intonation compromises with a plain G string.  
  3. The lightning bar is free floating on the studs, so when using the tremolo, the           tailpiece/bridge can move very easily and cause major tuning issues.

Quite often people want to keep their tremolo system, but without this conversion post, it hasn’t been usable.

The conversion post solves these issues by allowing you to replace the tailpiece studs with a stable ABR style bridge and height adjustable thumbwheels. This way the strings can be intonated individually and the tremolo can be used as intended.  

Conversion Post Placement: