Lollar Pickups


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Hinta: 480,00 48000

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Our Novel Foil is a single coil pickup with unusual clarity and power. Based on the original Gold Foil design, modified for direct drop-in installation in standard humbucker pickup rout, you can expect crystal clear top end with lots of in-your-face harmonic overtones, plus a wide dynamic range that can make your tube amp give up the dirt. All this while retaining the detail and depth you expect from a Lollar Gold Foil pickup. Made with 44-gauge wire wound around rubberized ferrite magnet and available as single conductor only. Available as singles or in sets of 2- or 3 pieces. Cover/ring options include chrome, nickel, or gold(+$10) with gold, black or silver foil and black or red forbon inserts/caps.

DC: Neck 6.2K, Bridge 7.25K