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The Bass Master Pro is a pickup combination system for the upright bass, consisting of a Double Big Twin bridge transducer, a Bass Max wing transducer, and a specially designed two-channel preamp.

The combination of pickups delivers the most complete transmission range for the versatile upright bass player. The Double Big Twin transmits very high and very low frequencies, which makes it especially suitable for jazz bass. The high frequency translation ensures a clean amplification of the finger attack with the picked bass. The low frequency translation refers to a desired very bassy sound picture. The Bass Max wing mount transducer transmits more midrange, which adds power and definition to the sound. When playing arco, we recommend using only the wing transducer.

The preamp is a two-channel, belt clip unit that features two volume controls, a stereo input, and a line level output on the outside of the box. Inside the box, there are adjustable controls for gain, bass, and treble for each channel. The tone controls offer an incredible +/- 20 dB. This is a wider range than some big boards on the market today! To keep the box as small as possible these controls are trim pots (small potentiometers that should be adjusted with the included precision screwdriver). Once you install the pickups, you can adjust the two channels with these trim pots to your personal preference and needs. While performing, the two volume knobs on the outside allow for quick adjustments.