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Huima Rävä is a slightly modernized recreation of two iconic effects, the Fuzz Face and the Rangemaster treble boost.
It is a versatile pedal, with some useful improvements over the original classics.
The available sounds range from full on classic fuzz goodness to sparkly just-about-to breakup cleans.

The pedal is built around carefully selected NOS Soviet Germanium transistors.
It features individual true bypass footswitches for both effects, as well as an order selector switch to control the internal signal chain.
If you need more flexibility, the included send/return loop can be used for inserting external effects in between the fuzz and the boost.

With the added body control, the treble boost can expand from a vintage-style classic twang to a nice and dirty full-range boost & overdrive.

The new input control on the fuzz is perfect for pre-setting the amount of cleanup and sparkle.
Together with the bias control also adjustable on the fly, the new additions make it very easy to dial in the desired sound at any time.

Huima Rävä is housed in a beautiful handcrafted custom enclosure – with a rugged steel frame and wooden side panels made from Finnish birch wood.
The pedal layout is compact without feeling cramped. All connections are on the back, to not take up any unneeded space on the board or stage.