ABM 2500S (ABR1 on Nashville posts)

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The perfect "Nashville" Replacement in the slender ABR-1 form

String spacing 52mm, bolt spacing 74mm, 12 "radius, milled from solid Steel.

Finish: Stainless Steel

Scope of supply: Pin 4mm to M5, M5 bushings (Nashville), replacement saddle, replacement snap ring, replacement screw, Allen key and protector box.

Tip 1: Please note that the bridges are supplied unnotched so that the strings course can be perfectly adapted to your instrument. Found in the support area of the 2500 Guide, which contains a notch instruction. This task gladly takes care of a good guitar Service.

Tip2: The model 2500 has got the more classic but narrow form like an ABR-1, but for "Nashville" mounting with 4mm/M5 Studs. Please assure that the minimized intonation range is suitable for your guitar!