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Hinta: 700,00 950,00 €

Tilapäisesti loppu. Anna sähköpostiosoitteesi niin kerromme sinulle kun tuotetta on taas saatavilla.

The Valve's best selling amp, the is a 45W, two channels combo with independent Bass, Middle, Treble controls..

The 250 can be run in pentode and triode mode through a dedicated switch on the rear panel, the triode mode delivering an harmonically richer tone and 30W reduced power, ideal for for smaller venues.

Other features include:
- parallel/series effect loop with mixer
- two speaker output
- impedance selector (4/8/16 ohms)
- presence and Depth controls on rear panel to alter your sound to fit any venue.
- full power/harmonics option for pentode and triode mode.

- Totally made in Italy
  - output impedance: 4/8/16 ohm
  - output: 45 watts (30W in triode mode)
  - 2 channels (clean and lead)
  - series/parallel effect loop
  Pentodede/Triode mode (45 Watt to 25 Watt)
  - presence and resonance controls on rear panel
  - reverb and channel selection foot-switch included
  - tubes array: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL34
  - foot-switch included