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20w + 20w All Tube Stereo w/Master Volume • 6V6/6L6 • Tube Reverb • 2X Tube Tremolo • Tube Rectification •   HUGE Swirling Tone Monster!

This amazing amp has really been a long time coming but the wait is worth it. This is our greatest 6V6/6L6 stereo push-pull effort to date .We're talking TWO 20 watt amps in one chassis, each with separate controls for EQ & tone along with tube/spring tank reverb and 2X Tube Tremolo with a unique Stereo Master Volume control. Simply put, you have to hear it to understand how BIG this thing sounds. And not only can this amp be used as a traditional stereo amp, either into our 2x12 cab or two sep cabs with more spread, you can opt to employ as a legitimate consolidated WET/DRY setup in ONE head going to two diff cabs. The dark tweed head is truly something special. And it will take 6V6 or 6L6 for a bit more headroom. Rectifier options include 5AR4 and 5Y3 for most sag/compression and sweetness.