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Introducing our first in-house, custom-built, Michael Swart designed Swart R-2 Ribbon Mic, designed to get the sound of your Swart amp's tone to the recording in the richest and most natural way.

The very first amp we ever made, the first one that actually inspired it all, was the Space Tone 6V6se. We made this amp along with a few variations in our studio, and musicians who came to record loved it so much, they asked us if there was any way they could buy one. This is literally how Swart Amplifier Co got off the ground. Well, there was much more, but that's the long and short of it. So why all this preamble?

This is our first journey into another realm of the recording process and one that Michael has had sitting in the studio for use. And once again, people were asking if they could have one

Yeah, it's SWART to the bone. The R-2 Ribbon Mic embodies all of what made the original Space Tone and Atomic Space Tone so great.... It's soulful. It passes along the emotion of the music. It's naturalness will shock you.

"This Ribbon mic seems to capture more sonic information than a standard dynamic mic in a far more natural sounding way. It's really been a revelation to me. Our proprietary custom hand wound Toroidal Core transformer was designed for its efficiency and hum canceling ability. When combined with our custom ribbon, which is cut, crimped, and tuned in the Swart Shop, the result is something truly special... it's my go-to amp mic now. Just really a special piece."

   - Michael Swart