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Versatile overdrive with endless sound possibilities. Interaction of the five controls allows the guitarist find yours overdriven sound. It’s the secret weapon for anyone who needs a pedal that is optimal in various occasions and genres. Besides the classic three controls of Volume / Gain / Tone, MM also has an innovative control called XBASS: not a simple control of the low frequencies that any active or passive tone could offer, but it’s a control on the low frequency crossovers entering the stage distortion. Thanks to it, at any gain stepyou can have a full clarity distorted sound. Imagine to have a totally analog pedal that can produce very light saturation without bass in Tube Screamer® style up to powerful Tube Driver®/Fuzz overdrive style. Imagination is not needed, Misty Monkey really exists!


VOLUME: output volume control.
GAIN: gain control.
TONE: passive tone control.
XBASS: control of low frequency crossovers stage distortion.
FEEL: three position switch that gives three different levels of compression. CENTER = OFF, DOWN = LOW COMP, COMP = UP HIGH
REMOTE: latching Tip-Sleeve contact for remote bypass.

Power: ONLY 9VDC / 50mA