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National originally launched the Style “N” model in 1930 as its top-of-the-line single-cone guitar. And as such, it was the most expensive and remains one of the rarest — and most sought after — today. Our Style “N” reissue is a world-class instrument. The body is constructed from the famous German Nickel Silver alloy, the same material used to build the originals. The body, coverplate, and tailpiece are polished to a mirror-like shine. A traditional sunburst maple neck is bound in ivoroid and fitted with our vintage-style engraved tuners. But the Style “N” is more than just a beautiful guitar: The German Silver body imparts a special sound, deeper and more sonorous than the brass body of the Style “O,” with a richer mid range and silky smooth high notes. Our new Style “N” truly lives up to its classic reputation.