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Strat© style guitars that have a tremolo back cavity and one or more single coil pickups can be retrofitted with the BPNCS. The BPNCS is an easy to install passive system and contains an extremely low impedance coil assembly that effectively eliminates hum while keeping the true single coil tone intact.
Unscrew the guitar pickguard
Remove the original back plate tremolo cavity cover
Solder the wires to the existing guitar electronics
Assemble back the guitar and you are ready to play hum-free.
You will be hearing more of the single coil pickup tone because of the missing noise
Note: The outside dimensions of the BPNCS are slightly larger than the original Strat BP (about 3/8″ or 10mm in each direction) allowing us to locate and build the hum canceling coil!
BPNCS User’s Manual: Download as a PDF document HERE