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This pedal is specially build on the inspiration of Sam Vilo getting the best out of the FuzzTool Junior
series pedals.
Hybrid transistor set-up - The Sam’s FuzzTool© Junior Custom Hybrid is equipped with a matched transistor set providing from a mellow bluesy and increased gain fuzzy sound character. In this setup a low gain silicon transistor is combined with a medium gain germanium transistor. This results in increased gain, treble, compression and “Fuzzyness”. You can go from Axis Bold as Love to Band of Gypsys!
T.M.F. adjustment - dial in the amount of bass going from a thick fuzzy character to a dynamic distortion sound.
Increased output level - better volume balance between effect on /off. The FuzzTool© Junior Custom Hybrid has about 2x the output level of the original Fuzz Face.
Pre warning Battery low indication - the led will dim when the battery reaches a threshold of around 7 Volts. This gives the opportunity to changeover batteries before the effect changes character or even stops working.
External power supply (noise reduced) - use a standard 9V external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound. This is a common problem with Fuzz Faces (clones). The Sam’s FuzzTool© Junior Custom Hybrid is negative ground, which is the standard for modern pedals, and can thus share a common power supply with other negative ground pedals.
Reverse and over voltage protection - protect the sensitive germanium transistor and keeping the pedal running for many years to come.
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression - no radio signal reception when using high gain settings in combination with turning down guitar volume. This is a common problem using high gain boost effects, caused by the antenna effect of the guitar cable.
The PaulSwitch Junior® - Robust true bypass switching mechanism providing consistent and lasting switching even when abused during stage performances and avoiding Tone sucking in bypass mode.
Bias control
This version 2 has an added bias control on the left side of the pedal. This can be used to adjust the bias setting of the transistor set-up. With this adjustment you can dial in from farthing fuzz (broken speaker) up to a dynamic distortion sound character. This adjustment will influence the overall output volume and can be adjusted with the volume adjustment.