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Medium-gain Overdrive

Give your amp a push with the Emerson Custom Paramount mk2 overdrive pedal. This medium-gain pedal is great for classic overdrive tones or for coupling with another pedal for a dynamic punch. It's built with top-quality audio components for reliability and killer tone. Instead of trying to re-create a well-known drive pedal, the Paramount mk2 overdrive is an original Emerson creation designed for sonic versatility. Once you experience having such a high-quality overdrive on your pedalboard, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the Emerson Custom Paramount mk2 overdrive pedal.

Premium audio-grade components

Emerson Custom uses only the highest-grade components in their Paramount mk2 overdrive pedal. While components like capacitors, potentiometers, and resistors of the same stated value can vary in tolerance, Emerson measures each and chooses the best-matched components for each pedal. Other top-shelf components include USA-made Switchcraft jacks and a 3PDT true bypass footswitch.

Emerson Custom Paramount mk2 Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • High-quality, medium-gain overdrive pedal for electric guitar
  • Handpicked, quality components for premium tone
  • Handwired construction