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Silver Glove is a germanium fuzz inspired by the early two transistor ‘tone bending units’ from the 1960s. It is voiced to be a mix of both Italian Vox TB and British MK1.5 with a hint of MKII. Think of The Stooges Funhouse album for reference. It works especially well with PAF style humbuckers and traditional Telecaster pickups. Strats are fine too if you feel your Fuzz Face is too compressed and muddy.

The circuit is point to point wired on a single terminal strip. Premium components all around with a healthy mix of NOS and modern varieties. Transistors are always selected NOS components. Other features are top mounted jacks, shielded wiring, LED, standard 2.1mm 9VDC power connector (tip negative / negative ground) and a battery clip. It is recommended to use an isolated 9VDC power supply but daisy chaining is also possible. Each component is carefully measured and selected for optimal tone, feel and signal to noise ratio. Hand painted hammertone finish. Perfect mix of modern features with vintage feel!

Silver Glove can be used for multiple purposes: thick sustaining fuzz, crunchy overdrive, old school germanium boost etc. Three control layout is simple yet effective:

  • ATTACK: Sets the amount of fuzz

  • FILTER: Controls the middle and bass response. All the way CCW is the thinnest “Italian TB” setting and all the way CW is the fullest “British TB” setting. At noon is a mix of both with open midrange.

  • LEVEL: Sets the output volume