3rd Power Amplification


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Guitar and Pedal Platform Amplifier

The SPANKY Jr 6VEL is our new high-headroom grab-n-go 5 Watt 110 combo amplifier! Thanks to 3P’s 6VEL™ technology, you can operate the amp on most of your favorite tube combinations. The SPANKY Jr 6VEL is for virtually everyone and is at home just about anywhere. It’s designed on an overbuilt power supply including the exact higher current power transformer as used in our 20W Spanky MKII so you know its got enough headroom and punch for any low volume gig, rehearsal, showcase, or any environment where inspiration calls.

  • Clean, American Voiced, High Headroom Preamp Section
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Tube Driven Spring Reverb with Flood-Mode™ Switch
  • 6V6 (5W) Class-A Operation
  • Cathode Biased for plug-n-play Octal-based Tube Swapping
  • Overbuilt Power Transformer and Power Supply
  • WGS ET-10 Speaker
  • Solid Pine Cabinet
  • Hand-wired and Hand Built in Nashville, TN
  • 11kg