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!!!! All underlined items are links to pics/specs, if there is a gap between make and model you will find front/back/more pics of that particular item !!!


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FANO ALT DE FACTO JM6: Faded Tea Burst, Case, 3.48kg ... 3280e

FANO ALT DE FACTO PX6: Amberburst, Case, 3.38kg ... 2850e

FANO ALT DE FACTO PX6: Butterscotch Blonde, Case, 3.56kg ... 3230e

FANO ALT DE FACTO GF6: 3-Tone Sunburst, Case, 3.04kg ... 2910e

FANO ALT DE FACTO SP6: Pelham Blue, Case, 3.45kg ... 2950e

FANO ALT DE FACTO TC6: Ice Blue, Case, 3.16kg ... 2795e Hold

FANO ALT DE FACTO RB6: Black over Copper, Case, 3.14kg ... 2770e Hold

FANO ALT DE FACTO JM6: Sherwood Green, Case, 3.42kg ... 2995e @Kitarapaja Oulu

FANO ALT DE FACTO JM6: Olympic White, Case, 3.20kg ... 3395e @Kitarapaja Oulu

FANO ALT DE FACTO SP6: Vintage Cream, Case, 3.44kg ... 2885e @Kitarapaja Oulu


FENDER 2012 AMERICAN VINTAGE '59 STRATOCASTER: Black, Case, 3.56kg ... 2090e

FENDER AMERICAN STANDARD TELECASTER: Crimson Red Transparent/RW, Case, 3.18kg ... 1350e

FENDER 60's STRATOCASTER: Black, Gigbag, 3.55kg ... 645e

FENDER 70īs STRATOCASTER: Olympic White/RW, Gigbag, 3.54kg ... 738e Hold

FENDER 50'S STRATOCASTER LACQUER: Candy Apple Red, Case 3.63kg ... 899e

FENDER CLASSIC PLAYER BAJA TELECASTER: Blonde, Gigbag, 3.55kg ... 799e

FENDER CLASSIC PLAYER 50's STRATOCASTER: Shoreline Gold, Gigbag, 3.74kg ... 679e

FENDER JAMES BURTON STANDARD TELECASTER: Candy Apple Red, Gigbag, 3.61kg ... 890e



GIBSON SG STANDARD 120: Ebony, 2.99kg ... 1335e

GIBSON LES PAUL JUNIOR SPECIAL w/ HUMBUCKERS: Ebony, Gigbag, 3,28kg ... 695e

GIBSON 2015 LES PAUL STANDARD: Honeyburst Perimeter Candy, Case, 4.30kg ... 2999e



GIBSON TRINI LOPEZ ES-335: Sixties Cherry, Case, 3.74kg ... 3099e

GIBSON ES-175: Antique Natural, Case, 3.37kg ... 3400e

GIBSON 1959 LES PAUL STANDARD REISSUE: Iced Tea VOS, Case, 2013 Model, 3.99kg ... 5350e



RICKENBACKER 330: Mapleglo, Case..... 1999e


FINLANDIA INSTRUMENTS T-STYLE THINLINE: New, Transparent Red, Case, 3.2kg ... 2600e

FLAXWOOD LIEKKI: New, Goldtop, Case, 3.22kg... 2094e



BRIAN MOORE C90 CUSTOM: Turquoise, Case, 3.50kg ... 1250e

D'ANGELICO NEW YORKER MODEL NYL-2: 2006, Wine Red, Case ... 2300e

DIEGO TELE CUSTOM: Sunburst, 3.78kg ... 390e

EASTWOOD AIRLINE MAP GUITAR: Seafoam Green, 3.56kg ... 550e

EGMOND AIRSTREAM 3: 1960's, Sunburst, Strap ... 525e

EPIPHONE AL CAIOLA STANDARD: 1967, Cherry, Case, 2.94kg... 3250e

ESP JOE PERRY/SKID ROW MODEL: Black, Duncan Live Wires, Japan, 3.68kg... 1250e


FANO ALT DE FACTO SP6: 2012, Dakota Red, Case, 3.54kg ... 1990e @Kitarapaja Oulu


FENDER STRATOCASTER: 1957, 2-Tone Sunburst, Case, 3.43kg, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic ... 29000e

FENDER STRATOCASTER: 1958, Refin 3-Tone Sunburst, Neck Refinished & Refretted, Repro Logo, Case, 3.42kg ... 14900e


FENDER STRATOCASTER: 1964, Sunburst, Case, 3.30kg ... 15000e

FENDER STRATOCASTER: 1966, Sunburst, Case, 3.50kg ... 9500e


FENDER STRATOCASTER: 1977, Sunburst, Case, 4.35kg ... 1490e

FENDER 25th ANNIVERSARY STRATOCASTER: 1979, Silver, Case, 4.41kg... 2250e

FENDER 25th ANNIVERSARY STRATOCASTER: 1979, Silver, Case, 4.20kg... 2500e

FENDER STRATOCASTER: 1979, Sunburst, Kahler, Case, 4.36kg ... 999e


FENDER LEAD I: 1981, Wine Red, Case, 3.66kg ... 650e


FENDER AMERICAN VINTAGE '52 TELECASTER: 1993, Blonde, Case, 3.58kg ... 1430e

FENDER SRV STRATOCASTER: 1994, Sunburst, Case, 3.51kg ... 1250e


FENDER ERIC CLAPTON STRATOCASTER: 2002, Olympic White, Case, 3.77kg ... 1375e

FENDER TELEBRATION '62 TELECASTER: 2011, Olympic White, Case, 3.37kg ... 1650e

FENDER CLASSIC PLAYER 50'S STRATOCASTER: 2011, Black, Gigbag, 3.59kg ... 595e

FENDER GE SMITH TELECASTER: 2011, Blonde, Case, 3.39kg ... 1600e Hold

FENDER AMERICAN VINTAGE '56 STRATOCASTER: 2012, 2-Tone Sunburst, Case, 3.50kg ... 1595e

FENDER 60'S CLASSIC TELECASTER: 2013, Olympic White, Gigbag, 3.58kg .. 550e

FENDER SELECT STRATOCASTER HSS: 2013, Tobaccoburst, Case, 3.56kg ... 1450e @ Kitarapaja Oulu



FENDER 1953 TELECASTER: 1998, Gold, Case, 3.80kg ... 3100e

FENDER CUSTOM ESQUIRE: 2004, Butterscocth Blonde, Case, 3.10kg ... 2500e

FENDER CALIFORNIA BEACH STRATOCASTER RELIC: 2004, Catalina Blue, Case, 3.64kg ... 2250e

FENDER DAVID GILMOUR STRATOCASTER NOS: 2008, Black, Case + candy ... 2750e

FENDER DEALER SELECT 1963 STRATOCASTER NOS: 2011, 3-Tone Sunburst, Case, 3.48kg ... 2190e @ Kitarapaja Oulu



FENDER MASTERBUILT 1954 STRATOCASTER CLOSET CLASSIC: 2004, 2-Tone Sunburst, 2xCase, 3.58kg ... 4500e

FENDER MASTERBUILT 1972 THINLINE TELECASTER RELIC: 2011, Black, Case, 3.14kg ... 3500e


FERNANDES HSS "STRAT": See-Thru-Orange, Gigbag, 4.32kg ... 400e

FINNISH GUITARWORKS FLYING V: Black Paisley, Gigbag, 3.03kg ... 850e

FRAMUS BILLY LORENTO: 1974, Red, Case, 3.87kg... 1100e


GIBSON LES PAUL MODEL: 1956, Goldtop, Light Overspray on top & back of headstock, Case, 3.84kg ... 28000e

GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM: 1957, Ebony, Case, 4.39kg, pic, pic, pic ... 45000e


GIBSON SG STANDARD: 1975, Walnut, Case, 3.22kg ... 2100e

GIBSON SG STANDARD: 1975, Walnut, Case, SD Custom Custom installed, original bridge pickup included, 3.13kg ... 1750e

GIBSON FLYING V2: 1979, Natural, Case, 3.42kg... 2950e


GIBSON FLYING V2: 1980, Natural, Case, 3.63kg... 2750e

GIBSON US-1: 1987, Cherryburst, Case, 3.35kg... 790e


GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO: 2006, Alpine White, Case, 3.55kg ... 900e

GIBSON LES PAUL STUDIO: 2012, Ebony, Case, 3.94kg ... 800e

GIBSON LES PAUL SUPREME: 2012, Heritage Cherryburst, Case, 4.02kg ... 2250e



GIBSON 1958 LES PAUL JUNIOR DC TV MODEL: 2006, Bigsby & T-O-M added, Case, 3.54kg ... 1600e

GIBSON ELLIOT EASTON SG: 2006, Vintage White, Case, 3.49kg ... 2900e

GIBSON ES-335 FIGURED TOP: Vintage Sunburst, Case, 4.02kg ... 2400e

GIBSON 1960 LES PAUL STANDARD VOS: 2009, Iced Tea, Case, 3.85kg ...3950e

GIBSON CS-336: 2010, Light Caramel Burst, Case, 3.14kg ... 2450e


G&L ASAT CLASSIC "LEO FENDER SIGNATURE": 1992, Case, 3.82kg ... 950e Hold

G&L COMANCHE SEMI-HOLLOW: Natural, Case, 3.90kg ... 2695e


GRETSCH 6129T-1962 SILVER JET: 2006, Case, 3.38kg ... 1750e

GRETSCH 6136T WHITE FALCON: 2006, Case, 3.55kg ... 2650e Hold

GRETSCH 6122-1959 CHET ATKINS COUNTRY GENTLEMAN: 2006, Walnut Stain, Case, 3.94kg ... 2400e

GRETSCH 6122-1962 CHET ATKINS COUNTRY GENTLEMAN: 2007, Walnut, Case, 3.61kg ... 2300e

GRETSCH 6118T ANNIVERSARY: 2008, Smoke Green, Case, 3.19kg... 1790e

GRETSCH 6196TSP-2G COUNTRY CLUB: 2009, Two Tone Gray, Case, 3.58kg ... 2350e

GRETSCH 6120AM NASHVILLE: 2009, Natural, Case, 3.31kg... 2250e

GRETSCH 6120 DUANE EDDY: 2011, Desert Sunrise, Case, 3.39kg ... 2650e

GRETSCH 6121-1959 CHET ATKINS SOLID BODY: 2012, Western Maple Stain, Case, 3.94kg ... 2190e

GRETSCH 6121-1955 CHET ATKINS SOLIDBODY: 2012, Tangerine w/Leather Trim, Case 3.58kg ... 2450e

GRETSCH 6120KS KEITH SCOTT NASHVILLE: 2012, Gold, Case 3.41kg ... 2650e

GRETSCH 6134 WHITE PENGUIN: 2012, Case, 3.83kg ... 2595e

GRETSCH 6119 TENNESSEE ROSE: 2013, Burgundy stain, Case, 3.47kg ... 1895e


GROSH ELECTRAJET: 2011, 59 Burst, Case, 3.45kg ... 2000e



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