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Updated: 2014-11-28, Prices in EUR

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Just in:

Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Strat NOS 08 ... 2750e

Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic 4x10 Combo 95 ... 2500e

Mesa/Boogie Lonestar Special 2x12 Combo ... 1600e

Marshall JVM-1 Combo 12 ... 365e Hold

Lfving 4x12 Cabinet 76 ... 300e

Fender 63 Tube Reverb Reissue 95 ... 500e

Electro-Harmonix Golden Throat II ... 300e

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone 78 ... 175e

Godin Multiac ACS Slim SA Classical ... 800e Hold

GMR 4-String Bass w/Bartolinis ... 850e


New Santa Cruz Guitar Company Shipment Just In:

1929 0, 1929 00 Hold, 1929 000, D/PW Mahogany Custom


Swart STR-Tremolo Combos Just In



Gibson Les Paul Deluxe '73 ... 2750e

Gibson Les Paul Custom '87 ... 1900e

Fender Custom Shop California Beach Stratocaster Relic 04 ... 2250e

Fender Custom Shop 1951 Nocaster Relic 06 ... 2350e

Reverend Reeves Gabrels Model ... 595e Hold @Kitarapaja Oulu

Fano Alt-de-Facto JM6, Goldtop, new ... 3315e

Fano Alt-de-Facto JM6, Sonic Mary, new ... 3445e

Gibson Rusty Anderson ES-335, no 14 of 25, new ... 3099e Hold

ABM Lightweight Wraparound & 2500 bridges in stock

Ilitch Electronics Back Plate Noise Cancelling Systems in stock ... 250e



Swart AST MK II Head + 1x12 Cabinet 09 ... 2395e

Ibanez UE-300 Multi-Effects Unit ... 300e

Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret III ... 120e

T-Rex Replica Delay ... 195e

Guitarsystems FuzzTool Jr (Gold Version), new ... 195e

JAM Pedals Tube Dreamer58, new ... 185e

JAM Pedals Red Muck, new ... 209e


Lovepedal shipment just in:

Believe Octave Planet, Tap Tremolo, COT 50 HW,

Pickle Vibe, Roadhouse Eternity, Tchula Custom


First Electro-Harmonix tube shipment just in. Also other tube prices changed.

General Electric 12AX7WA Tubes in stock, NOS/1975 ... 40e



Martin D12-20 12-String w/K&K PU 76 ... 1750e

Ibanez 670-12 12-String 78 ... 345e

Takamine F-369 87 ... 275e

Santa Cruz OM/PW 05 w/Highlander PU ... 2950e

Gibson Hummingbird Wine Red 14 ... 2400e


C.F.Martin/ Kitarapaja 35th Anniversary 000 Model available

in April. Hide glue, Rounded 50's headstock etc..Specs and few pictures of the guitars.

Work in progress, more pics.. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Oasis Guitar and Case Humidifiers just in ... 20e, AddString Systems in stock ... 59,90e

Tone Rite Sound Improvement Device for Acoustic Guitars ... 170e, ToneRite Treatment (100 hours) .... 30e

L.R. Baggs : Lyric, Anthem SL, M80, M1Active, Venue DI, Para DI etc. in stock

Larry Cragg Hybrid Bridge Pin Sets in stock ... 40e


C.F.Martin Reward

C.F.Martin Reward 2

C.F.Martin Reward 3



Fender Am Std Precision Bass 13 ... 1095e

Fender American Vintage 58 Precision Bass '13 ... 1650e

Fender American Vintage 64 Jazz Bass 14 ... 1650e

Fender American Standard Jazz Bass, OW/RW, new ... 1435e


Fender Zippo Lighter ... 33e

Gretsch Zippo "That Great Gretsch Sound"... 25e