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Updated: 2014-09-19, Prices in EUR

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Just in:

Guild CE-100 56 ... 2150e

Gibson Les Paul Custom 70 ... 3300e Hold

Sho-Bud Pro 1 E9 3+5 10-String Pedal Steel 74 ... 2000e

Fender SRV Stratocaster '06 ... 1290e

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster '09 ... 1250e

Fano Alt De Facto JM6 13 ... 2400e

Epiphone 75th Anniversary Century Amplifier , new ... 355e



Fender Stratocaster 87, Japan ... 750e

Fender 1956 "Mary Kaye" Stratocaster Relic 02 ... 2500e

Fender Fat 50s Strat Set ... 100e

Rickenbacker Toaster PU ... 140e

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker Neck ... 110e

Fender Graham Coxon Telecaster, new ... 698e

ABM Lightweight Wraparound bridges in stock

Ilitch Electronics Back Plate Noise Cancelling Systems in stock ... 250e



Fender 65 Princeton Reverb-Amp ... 715e

Swart Atom Combo 10 ... 1100e

Swart AST Master Combo 10 ... 2350e

Hiwatt Custom 100 Head + 4x12 Cabinet ... 2250e

Movall Busy Bee Preamp Boost ... 35e

Celestion Gold 10", 16 Ohm ... 148e

BBE Ben Wahs in stock

MXR Micro Chorus, new ... 85e

First Electro-Harmonix tube shipment just in. Also other tube prices changed.

General Electric 12AX7WA Tubes in stock, NOS/1975 ... 40e



Landola CJ-33 94 ... 295e

Gibson Historic Collection J-45 05 ... 1700e

Ridgefield Cutaway Model ... 400e

Santa Cruz Shipment Just In: OM/Pre War, OM Grand Hold, 000, 1929 000

Sigma Shipment Just In:SOMR-28MLE, 000MC-1STE-BK


Acoustic Guitar Magazine 2014 Players Choice Awards. C.F.Martin.

Best Ukulele, Dreadnought, Mid-Size Flattop, Small-Body Flattop, Guitar of the Year 2014


Oasis Guitar and Case Humidifiers just in ... 20e, AddString Systems in stock ... 59,90e

Tone Rite Sound Improvement Device for Acoustic Guitars ... 170e, ToneRite Treatment (100 hours) .... 30e

L.R. Baggs : Lyric, Anthem SL, M80, M1Active, Venue DI, Para DI etc. in stock

Larry Cragg Hybrid Bridge Pin Sets in stock ... 40e


C.F.Martin Reward

C.F.Martin Reward 2

C.F.Martin Reward 3



Gibson EB-650 Bass 91 ... 2900e

Fender Mustang Bass, new ... 915e

Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Bass, new ... 798e


Fender Zippo Lighter ... 33e

Gretsch Zippo "That Great Gretsch Sound"... 25e